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Live Below The Line: The Shopping

Live Below The Line

Today, armed with a single crisp tenner, we went to get our Live Below the Line shop. As you’ll know if you read my last post, I’m used to planning my weekly shop and keeping a close eye on the pennies, so I was all ready with my shopping list. I also usually add up my shop as I go round, using the calculator on my phone, so I did that as well to make sure I kept to budget. This might sound a bit obsessive, but actually it makes a big difference – it’s amazing how much you can put in your trolley without really being aware of what you’re spending. Keeping a running total helps me decide whether to buy non-essentials (and if I’ve got a bit left over, it means I don’t have to feel guilty about stocking up the biscuit tin).

This week, of course, there wasn’t much leftover, but actually with a bit of planning I was quite pleased with how much I managed to get for my money. My receipt came to £9.99 but I’m going to take a little off because I bought some of the vegetables in bulk, so I won’t be using all of them – I’ve worked out the price per item, so my final total is £9.69. That leaves me a few pence to spend on my seasoning, per pinch.

Check out my first two recipes for next week – Tomato & Red Pepper Soup, for lunches, and Pasta with Courgette Pesto for Monday night’s dinner. If you’re going to be making any of my recipes, please do leave me a comment and tell me what you think! And of course, don’t forget to click here and sponsor us by donating to Action Against Hunger, to help people all over the world who have to live like this every single day.

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