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Skittles Vodka

Skittles Vodka

I have to confess that this isn’t so much a recipe as a concept, but as concepts go, it’s a damn fine one. Basically you dissolve Skittles in vodka until they make it taste delicious and – bonus – turn a beautiful colour. A few years ago we made a batch of this for all my husband’s (grown-up) cousins at Christmas, and it went down a storm. One thing to mention is that while it’s pretty low effort, it does need to be left overnight to infuse, and it does take a couple of hours to filter, so factor that in when making.

Skittles Vodka

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  • 1l vodka
  • 2 bags of Skittles
  • Coffee filters
  • Nice glass bottles & tags, if it’s for a gift



It’s very important to note that if you add all the Skittles together, the vodka will end up brown – so you need to separate the colours. If you want to make just one colour, for example green, simply add all the green skittles to the bottle and then eat the rest. Alternatively, you could decant the vodka into smaller bottles and use a different colour of Skittle for each one – it’s up to you.


Leave the vodka to infuse for at least four hours, or overnight. Give the bottles a shake every now and then. You’ll notice that the Skittles start losing their colour very quickly and that sediment builds up in the bottles (usually on the surface of the vodka) – this is completely fine, and will be filtered out later.


As I mentioned, the filtering takes quite a while – what I usually do is peg a filter to the top of a jug, fill up with vodka, and then leave while I get on with other jobs, topping up every now and then. You will need to change the filter occasionally when you notice that it’s started to drain very slowly. Once you’ve filtered it all, pour into pretty glass bottles and finish off with a gift tag.

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