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One of the things I really love about Bath is that for a small city, it’s absolutely stuffed with interesting people doing interesting things. In order to meet as many of these fabulous people as possible, I try and have coffee with someone new every week – mostly by simply accosting them on Twitter, which seems to work surprisingly well. Last week, I got chatting to Simon from eatROAR, a little Bath start up making truffles and cakes with raw chocolate, and when he offered to send me some samples to taste, I suggested we meet up so he could tell me more about it all (at least partly, I must admit, because I didn’t really have a handle on what raw chocolate actually was).

Simon started eatROAR about a year ago, inspired by the lack of really good gluten-free treats available for his coeliac partner, and the need to create something tasty but healthy for their small children to snack on. Thus the eatROAR truffles were born – gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and delicious. Now they supply a growing number of local cafes with their cakes and slices, as well as selling their truffles online and at the Bath Artisan Market.

So, in case you didn’t know either, what is raw chocolate? Well, it’s all about the beans – the chocolate you usually buy in the corner shop is made from roasted beans, whereas raw chocolate is made from beans that have been naturally dried in the sun instead. Raw chocolate advocates reckon that this preserves a lot more of the original nutrients.

If, like me, you want a snack that not only tastes delicious but gives you some proper fuel, then I’d highly recommend these little beauties – stuffed with good stuff, they give you an almost instant energy boost. I predict great things for eatROAR – watch this space! 

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