A Few Yummy Things

One of the awesome things about being a blogger is you get a lot of delicious samples, and I thought I’d do a quick post to round up a few of my favourites from the last few months. If you’re looking for something new & yummy, I’d highly recommend you check out…

Yuyo Drinks: Rooibos Rewind

These lovely chaps started out in Dorset and are now based in Bath, making delicious yerba mate and other infusions (recently I’ve been hanging out with various awesome tea nerds, who have been politely reminding me of the difference between true teas and infusions, namely, the plants involved). I really love their new Rooibos Rewind blend with lavender and elderflower – it’s fabulously summery, reminding me of fresh cut grass, and the lavender makes it so soothing. As soon as I tried it hot, though, I knew it would also make a totally awesome iced tea – so you can get my recipe for that here. Trust me, it’s the only thing to drink when the weather gets hot.

Yuyo Rooibos Rewind

What? Oh, I always coordinate my nails with the packaging


Hovis: Seed Sensations Chia Bread

A little while ago now, Hovis invited me to a seriously awesome brunch in London to celebrate their new chia seed loaf. The first awesome thing about it was that they didn’t make us sit there for ages listening to a boring presentation – instead, they sat us down at a huge table covered in delicious fresh ingredients and we all got creative with the bread, making sandwiches and toast toppings. Note to PRs, this was a much better way of getting us all chatting about the bread, tweeting about it and taking Instagram photos. The second awesome thing about it was that I honestly liked the product, which doesn’t always happen – it was really good. The flavour was nutty but not too ‘healthy-tasting’ (do you know what I mean by that?) and it went really well with savoury toppings in particular – I served mine with a bit of quick guacamole I whipped up from avocado, feta cheese, mint and lemon, plus smoked salmon and fresh rocket. I hate to boast, but it was amazing, and I actually won the sandwich competition… okay, maybe I’m boasting now.

Chia Seed Sensations

An award-winning sandwich


La Saucy Salsa: Paprika

Full disclosure: I do write recipes for La Saucy Salsa. But I’m not getting paid for this post, and I’m honestly just recommending it because I really love it. There’s a range of different salsas inspired by Andalusian cuisine, which are all really yummy, but paprika is definitely my favourite. The flavours are huge and rich, and make literally any tomato-based sauce taste a million times better.

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