Sal’s Kitchen tries… something new for 2017!

Lampshade Making

I’ve never been one to shrink away from a New Year’s Resolution – in fact, I find it a good excuse to think about what I want out of the year, set some goals and then go get ‘em. But my resolutions always take the form of doing something, rather than stopping something, because I reckon that’s a much more positive way to approach life.

This year, in January, as well as setting a few business resolutions (if you want to find out more about my blogging consultancy business, click here) I also decided that I was going to throw myself into trying a bunch of new activities and learning new skills, so the following three blog posts are about three different things I’ve had a go at so far. Have you started anything new for 2017? Write me a comment and tell me all about it!

Liqueur-Making at Combe Grove Hotel – set in a stunning location and led by one of the best mixologists in the city, during this course I learnt all about the history and mystery of liqueurs, and made my own pear, thyme & honey vodka. Highly recommended for cocktail fiends!

Lampshade-Making at Homefront Interiors – something I’ve never tried before but had a really great time doing. I came home with a gorgeous lampshade that I can’t stop admiring – perfect for interior-design aficionados who want to get a little creative.

Marmalade Make & Bake Day at Vale House Kitchen – a full day of getting cosy in the kitchen, creating the most incredible Seville orange marmalade and an armful of delicious marmalade-based bakes too. For anyone who wants to get to grips with traditional preserving skills – and marmalade fans, if you haven’t tried homemade yet, you are seriously missing out.

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