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The Ten Second Guide to the Tenner Treat: Cau

Welcome to a new series on Sal’s Kitchen! The Great Bath Feast is Bath’s annual celebration of eating and drinking and, unsurprisingly, the highlight of my year. To celebrate this year’s Feast, I’m going to be posting bite-sized reviews of some of the best meals available as part of the Great Bath Feast’s Tenner Treat, a collection of brilliant £10 offers from different Bath restaurants.

Where is it? 1-2 Milsom Place, click here for the website.

What’s on offer? Any dish from the brunch menu, plus a mimosa.

Is it any good? I’ve been impressed by Cau in the past, and it didn’t disappoint me this time. I chose a flatbread with chorizo, caramelised onions and mozzarella, which was basically a pizza, but I’m definitely not complaining because it was delicious, with just the right hint of chilli heat. My dining companion picked avocado with baked eggs and chimichurri, which was also really tasty, although I felt like it needed some toast involved – I should note that my dining companion disagreed and thought it was perfect.

Why this place? I always like it when a brunch menu is a bit creative, rather than just repeating the usual breakfast favourites, and Cau definitely ticks that box. Other options include beef with a blue cheese hollandaise and sweet potato pancakes with a variety of toppings – it was honestly really hard to choose.

Marks out of 10? 9. This is a great offer and the food is delicious. It’s even running on the weekends too, so you can head there this weekend if you’ve got a hangover to sort out.

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