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The Ten Second Guide to the Tenner Treat: The Roman Baths Kitchen

Welcome to a new series on Sal’s Kitchen! The Great Bath Feast is Bath’s annual celebration of eating and drinking and, unsurprisingly, the highlight of my year. To celebrate this year’s Feast, I’m going to be posting bite-sized reviews of some of the best meals available as part of the Great Bath Feast’s Tenner Treat, a collection of brilliant £10 offers from different Bath restaurants.

Where is it? The Abbey Churchyard, click here for the website.

What’s on offer? 2 courses out of 3 – a soup of the day for the starter, a choice of vegetable tagine with couscous or sausage with mash and crispy onions for the main, and chocolate bread & butter pudding for the dessert.

Is it any good? My dining companion and I decided that we would get one starter and one dessert to share, so that we could try all three courses. The soup (which was carrot and sweet potato on the day we visited) was not very good, I’m afraid – rather thin and lacking in seasoning. However, the main course was delicious. I ordered the sausage with mash and crispy onions, which was really good, with rich gravy and buttery mashed potatoes. The chocolate bread & butter pudding (above) was also lovely – very chocolatey with a great texture.

Why this place? It’s really the location of the Roman Baths Kitchen which sells it – if you go on a nice day when you can sit outside, with the Abbey towering above you, golden in the sunshine against a blue sky, it’s hard to beat.

Marks out of 10? 6.5. I really deliberated over this one, because two out of three dishes on offer were very nice, but it loses marks because the service was pretty terrible – not only was it slow, but our starter for some reason arrived at the same time as the main courses (when quizzed about this, the waiter simply shrugged) and the bill was wrong twice before we got it sorted out. I’m happy to recommend the food, but keep your wits about you.

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