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The Ten Second Guide to the Tenner Treat: The Royal Crescent Hotel

Welcome to a new series on Sal’s Kitchen! The Great Bath Feast is Bath’s annual celebration of eating and drinking and, unsurprisingly, the highlight of my year. To celebrate this year’s Feast, I’m going to be posting bite-sized reviews of some of the best meals available as part of the Great Bath Feast’s Tenner Treat, a collection of brilliant £10 offers from different Bath restaurants. 

Where is it? 16 Royal Crescent, click here for the website.

What’s on offer? Mussels, fries, lemon mayonnaise, dipping breads and half a pint of Bath Gem ale.

Is it any good? Oh boy, ‘good’ is not the word. The broth for the mussels is incredibly rich and creamy, perfect for dunking beautiful freshly-made bread spread with unsalted butter, and the tangy lemon mayonnaise is great for dipping your fries.

Why this place? If you’ve always fancied trying the Royal Crescent, but you’re worried about the price tag, then this is the perfect introduction – it’s seriously good value for money, and the flavours are fantastic. We were lucky enough to get a sunny day too, so we sat in the hotel’s stunning garden and felt like we were on holiday.

Marks out of 10? 9. This was a really delicious meal – my only criticism is that you can’t swap the ale for something else, so non-beer-drinkers (like my dining companion) will find themselves paying extra. This one is also only running Monday-Thursday, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to try it, but it’s definitely worth it!

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