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The Ten Second Guide to the Tenner Treat: The Stable

Welcome to a new series on Sal’s Kitchen! The Great Bath Feast is Bath’s annual celebration of eating and drinking and, unsurprisingly, the highlight of my year. To celebrate this year’s Feast, I’m going to be posting bite-sized reviews of some of the best meals available as part of the Great Bath Feast’s Tenner Treat, a collection of brilliant £10 offers from different Bath restaurants.

Where is it? 1-3 Westgate Building, Kingsmead Square, click here for the website.

What’s on offer? A pizza, a side salad and a drink.

Is it any good? The toppings are tasty and generous, with the classics represented alongside some more creative ideas (roast potatoes and blue cheese, for example), and I think it’s great value that you get a nice little dressed salad as well as a drink. I’m not so sure about the crust at The Stable, though – it’s very thin and quite dry, so it’s a bit like having your toppings on a cracker.

Why this place? What I really appreciate about The Stable is that they make an effort to tailor their menus according to location, and use local ingredients – so you’ll find Somerset ciders, local cheeses and more on their menu. I also like their creative approach to pizza toppings, with all sorts of delicious ideas you wouldn’t usually expect.

Marks out of 10? 7. I enjoyed my pizza and I think the offer is great value for money – and don’t worry if you’ve missed it, because outside the Great Bath Feast, you can still grab this same offer every Tuesday.

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