Sal’s Kitchen reviews… The Fisherman’s Lunch at The Scallop Shell

The Scallop Shell

I mentioned in this post that as winter approaches and the evenings draw in, I start getting lazy about going out for dinner, and looking for fabulous lunchtime deals instead – particularly if they include some gorgeous cold-weather comfort food. So when I heard about The Scallop Shell’s Fisherman’s Lunch, a £10 menu that includes fish & chips, mushy peas, bread and butter and a big mug of proper Yorkshire Tea, I have to admit, it sounded like they’d read my mind…

The Scallop Shell is a bright and cheerful restaurant on Monmouth Place, with a constantly buzzing atmosphere – as the home of the city’s best fish & chips (it’s true, fight me), the tables are always busy, and you can see straight into the bustling kitchen from the ground floor restaurant. Until recently, that was it, but this year they opened a more tranquil second floor and, tucked away amongst the rooftops at the back, a secret little terrace. With blankets and outdoor heaters, the roof terrace is still open and on the day that I visited, it was mild enough to sit outside, albeit with hands wrapped firmly around steaming mugs of tea.

The Scallop Shell
Mugs of tea on a cold day – is there anything better?

The Fisherman’s Lunch is available from 12-2.30pm, and offers you a choice of cod & chips, haddock & chips or a homemade fishcake & chips, served with mushy peas, tartare sauce, bread and butter and Yorkshire Tea, all for a single crisp tenner per person. Since I’ve already nailed my colours to the mast, you won’t be surprised to discover that I thoroughly enjoyed my cod & chips – the batter was crispy, golden and melt-in-the-mouth, the fish gloriously tender and juicy. I love the Scallop Shell’s homemade tartare sauce (perfect for dunking those big fat chips into) and the fresh bread generously spread with butter was an irresistible invitation to knock up an impromptu chip butty. I know for some foodies it’s modish to serve fish & chips with champagne these days, but for me it’s a cider in the summertime and yes, a mug of tea in the winter – it’s the perfect thing to balance out all that gorgeously comforting richness.

Basically, chaps, if you needed an excuse to hit up The Scallop Shell during the week, this is it. Highly recommended – see you there.

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