Sal’s Kitchen discovers… Little Duck Doughnuts

Little Duck Doughnuts

If you live in Bath and you’re on Instagram, chances are pretty good you’ve seen Little Duck Doughnuts’ gorgeous creations – you might even have been lucky enough to nab one at a local market. Owner Olivia is bringing her delicious doughnut expertise to the UK from Canada, where it seems they’re way ahead of us when it comes to fabulous fried things – but don’t worry, because Olivia is here to share the love…

Little Duck Doughnuts
Chai doughnuts on display at the Independent Bath Market

Frankly, the first time I saw these beauties on Instagram, I knew they were going to be a big hit, so I couldn’t wait to try one. We made a special pilgrimage to the Independent Bath Market a few weeks ago, to pick up one of Little Duck’s shimmering, pale gold chai doughnuts (which Olivia admits are probably her favourites), made with chai syrup from local legends Henny & Joe’s, and they were just as good as I’d hoped – beautifully light and fluffy, with a crisp sugar glaze and a hint of Christmas spice. For this blog post, Olivia was kind enough to supply some stunning rose and coconut doughnuts that I couldn’t stop photographing like miniature works of art. In fact – better than works of art, because after you’ve admired them, you can eat them. What’s not to like? In the UK we’re used to doughnuts being a rather heavy snack, often weighed down with a filling of jam or custard, but despite her English boyfriend’s requests, Olivia mostly sticks to making glazed ring doughnuts, and I have to say I’m completely converted.

Little Duck Doughnuts
How pretty are these?

As well as taking inspiration from other local independent businesses (look out for Iford Cider doughnuts) and from fresh produce in the markets, Olivia loves to experiment with different flavours and techniques, so the selection is always changing. I’ve particularly got my eye on the baked doughnuts, a little bit more like a cake but still as light as air, and I’m intrigued by her description of potato doughnuts made with yam, but I might need to try one of those before I make up my mind…

So where can you get your hands on one? Well, she’s planning to supply a few local cafes, but for now you need to catch Olivia at a market (she’s going to be at Bristol’s Harbourside Market on weekends until Christmas) or order directly via the Little Duck website. Send a doughnutgram (doughnuts in the shape of letters to spell out a message, obviously), get something special for a wedding or celebration, or just order a box for yourself and stuff your face – there’s no judgement here. As it says on the Little Duck website, these bad boys are worth the waddle…

Little Duck Doughnuts
Fig doughnuts with edible gold – how can you possibly resist?

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