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Pickled Greens Bath

In case you haven’t noticed already, the Foodie Bugle on Abbey Green has recently been reincarnated – as Pickled Greens, specialising in seasonal food, natural wine and local goodies. It was always a beautiful space, with sunshine flooding in from wide windows, and knotted old floorboards, wooden panelling and white-washed walls, but whereas it used to be pretty much a fifty/fifty split between shop and café,  the new owners have tipped the balance towards café, swapping the laden shelves and cabinets for mismatched wooden tables and chairs. It’s amazing what a difference it makes. The whole place feels so much more spacious, and now there are more tables, it’s easier to linger for another cuppa or even for lunch – they’ve also expanded the menu, with a select but tempting savoury offering alongside the tea and cakes, so naturally, I had to give it a try…

 Pickled Greens Bath
Delicious butternut squash soup

I arrived just before the lunch rush, so I was able to snag what is already my favourite table, under the big old window looking out on a pocket-sized courtyard at the back of the building. I must confess I’ve been to Pickled Greens once already, when I enjoyed a fabulous butternut squash soup with fresh ginger and coriander (just the thing for chilly days at this time of year), but this time I was keen to try the cheese toasties, which are already taking on legendary lunchtime status with everyone who works nearby. I chose a cheddar and chorizo toastie, which came with a fabulous little pickled salad – fermented red cabbage, pickled red onion, cucumber and mustard seeds, fresh rocket and watercress. It was absolutely delicious and a lot more interesting than your standard side-salad. But the toastie, oh the toastie. It was so good I had to eat it at a snail’s pace because I didn’t want to finish it (luckily I had a good book to keep me company). I’m strongly tempted to go back for another one tomorrow.

 Pickled Greens Bath
A beautiful old building

Once I had finally, begrudgingly finished the last bite of my sandwich, I needed something else to console me, so I perused the excellent selection of cakes in the window and decided on a rich, fudgy salted caramel chocolate brownie (supplied by the fabulous Bath Cake Company), with a pot of rooibos tea to wash it down. Sitting in a pool of sunshine by the window, lingering over my tea and cake and my book, it was the perfect way to pass a lazy lunchtime.

I was always a fan of the old Foodie Bugle, but with a few little tweaks, I think the owners of Pickled Greens have made it even better. There’s a relaxed and welcoming vibe that invites you to idle away a few hours in this lovely space. Whether you’re popping in for tea and cake or you want to try one of those toasties (and you really, really should) I highly recommend it.

Pickled Greens Bath
Tea & chocolate brownies

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