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Savouring Bath Tours

What do you think of when you think of Bath? Chances are fairly good it has something to do with Jane Austen – stately, pale gold Georgian townhouses, ladies and gentlemen dancing stiffly at the Assembly Rooms, carriages rolling down Great Pulteney Street. But of course, before the Georgians ever got their daintily-gloved hands on the place, this was a Roman town – somewhere a little wilder and more hedonistic, because if there’s one thing the Romans were good at (apart from building really straight roads) it’s having a bloody good time. From long, luxurious hot baths to wine-soaked banquets, Roman nobility knew all about pleasure – so it seems only appropriate to experience Bath today with Savouring Bath’s Guilty Pleasures Tour, a glorious celebration of eating and drinking all over the city.

 Savouring Bath Tours
Dreamy, creamy fudge in an incredible rainbow of flavours

Whether you’re new to Bath and wanting to explore, or you’re a Bathonian who simply hasn’t gotten around to discovering all the delicious delights of this city (and believe me, even if you’ve lived here for years, I bet you’ll find something new on this tour), a Savouring Bath food and drink tour is the perfect solution. Business owner Mike will whisk you through Bath’s little squares and narrow old streets from one gorgeous independent business to another, throwing in all sorts of interesting historical snippets, whilst keeping you well-fuelled for walking with a feast of different treats that are all included in the £35 price per person.

 Savouring Bath Tours
Gorgeous cheddar: soft as butter, creamy & tangy

Now usually, in a review, I’d describe the experience in mouth-watering detail – but this situation is a little bit different, because I don’t want to spoil the surprise and give away which cafes, shops and delis are involved. So let me just give you a flavour –what’s your particular guilty pleasure? Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure you’re going to encounter it on this tour. Something sweet, of course, is perhaps the most obvious choice – so for those with a sweet tooth, prepare yourselves for handmade chocolates with a story to tell, rich, creamy melt-in-the-mouth fudge, and some beautiful baked goods (on our tour we had a lemon meringue pie so incredible I’m still thinking about it), as well as my favourite hot chocolate in the city. For those with more of a savoury bent, there is of course cheese (featuring some of the best cheesemakers in the Westcountry – Somerset is damn good at cheese), as well as some fabulous Italian treats (it’s only right in a Roman city) and that comfort food staple, the Great British banger, in a variety of gorgeous guises. The tour ends with a welcome sit-down for small plates at one of Bath’s most popular restaurants.

 Savouring Bath Tours
Salted peanut praline – the absolute perfect partner for chocolate

For a foodie like me, this is quite simply the perfect way to spend an afternoon – we had so many wonderful treats that I’ve been daydreaming about them ever since. I was trying to pick a favourite for this post but honestly, I just can’t. Book this tour, book it right now, and I promise you won’t regret it.

For more details and to book your place, visit the Savouring Bath website. The Guilty Pleasures Tour runs on Thursdays and Fridays at 2pm, at a cost of £35 per person, or if you have a group of four or more people, you can book your own private Guilty Pleasures Tour.

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