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Thoughtful Bread

In today’s blog post, I have just one thing to say to you: if you live in Bath and you like delicious deep-fried sugary things, you need to get into Doughnut Thursdays at Thoughtful Bakery. It’s a concept so fabulous and simple it deserves a meme:

Thoughtful Bakery
Are we still trying to make ‘fetch’ happen?

Each week, for one day only, Thoughtful Bakery serves up a couple of batches of speciality doughnuts. They’re always beautiful and creative, and the flavours are always irresistibly tempting. Be warned, though, you’ve got to get in there before all the doughnuts get scoffed, so I wouldn’t leave it much later than lunchtime in case of serious disappointment. To make things simpler, I hereby give you permission to have doughnuts for lunch – I’m not ashamed to say that in the process of researching this blog post, I did just that. Because I am, apparently, a grown-up, and I can do whatever the hell I like.

You can follow Thoughtful on Instagram (@thoughtfulbakery) to see a few more sexy doughnut pictures, and to keep up with the week’s speciality flavours. But as we all know, Instagram can be a shrine to style over substance. No matter how pretty they are, the most crucial thing is that the doughnut itself is fabulous – as fat and fluffy as a pillow, and lighter than air – and thankfully these doughnuts are all of those things. Having nailed that, Thoughtful Bread quite literally put the cherry on top with the most incredible glazes, fillings and toppings.

Thoughtful Bread
A beautiful strawberry & granola doughnut

My favourite thus far has been a classic round doughnut, glittering with tiny sugar crystals, and filled with a mouthful of dark, dark chocolate brownie and topped with a cloud of chocolate mousse. The mousse was particularly sensational, as light as air and scrumptiously melt-in-the-mouth, and the combination of doughnut and chocolate brownie is sinfully fabulous. That being said, it’s damn hard to pick a favourite as I haven’t had a bad doughnut from Thoughtful yet.

My first encounter with deep-fried heaven at the Thoughtful Bakery was an edible work of art, sparkling with a strawberry glaze and bejewelled with homemade granola, freeze-dried raspberries and fresh strawberries – almost too pretty to eat, but when I did take the plunge, gorgeously light and deliciously fruity. Possibly my second favourite thus far, after the chocolate mousse doughnut, has been a cheeky little chocolate and raspberry number, with a fabulously tart and fruity glaze. And although it’s not quite my vibe, I picked up a lemon doughnut for my husband, topped with lemon cream and stuffed with lemon curd, that practically made him swoon.

Thoughtful Bakery
Chocolate & Raspberry Ring Doughnut

In short: next Thursday, get yourself down to the Thoughtful Bakery and treat your taste buds to something seriously special. Just don’t scoff them all before I get there. Wait, should I have told you guys about this?

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