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Sixty Second Review: Cascara

Cascara Cafe Bath

Welcome to a new Sal’s Kitchen series! Because my Top Five guides have been so popular, I thought I’d try something else short and snappy – hence these bite-sized reviews that give you a flavour of something I seriously recommend, without taking up any more than a minute of your time. Sometimes I’ll take sixty seconds to tell you about a particular dish, snack or cocktail that’s well worth seeking out, and sometimes I’ll simply be giving you a speedy summation of somewhere new you have to try. If you like my long form reviews then don’t worry, they’re still going to appear because I love writing them (and sometimes I need more space to do a foodie experience justice) but I’ll be trying to bring you more content that’s snack-sized rather than always a big old banquet.

For my first Sixty Second Review, I want to tell you all about Cascara, which came under new ownership just before Christmas…

Where and what is it?

Cascara is a bright, friendly little café on Upper Borough Walls, serving up a completely vegan menu of breakfasts, lunches and cakes.

Why this place?

The food is so good that I think the plant-based aspect is entirely incidental – it’s awesome to see folks on a plant-based diet getting more options (Bath has had a bit of a boom in vegan cafes and restaurants lately) but whether you eat meat and dairy or not, this place is well worth a visit for any foodie. It’s bright and cosy, filled with plants and splashes of colour, and the staff are really lovely – and very happy to help out with recommendations if anything on the menu is unfamiliar to you.

What’s on the menu?

The menu here is short but sweet, featuring soups, salads and delicious things on toast. My particular favourite at lunchtime is the Little Dips menu – pick three from a selection of deliciously different dips, served up with lots of (vegan) buttered sourdough toast to scoop up every last morsel, or choose just one for a quick savoury snack. Highlights for me include the cannellini bean and sundried tomato (yummy enough to eat all on its own) and the hummus (a vegan staple, but this is seriously good stuff). There are also plenty of interesting options when it comes to the drinks menu, with lots of really good juices and smoothies freshly made to order, as well as great coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

How much will I spend?

Nothing here will break the bank – you can easily knock off a snack and a drink for around a fiver, while lunch can be had for less than a tenner.

If you only try one thing, try…

…the brownies. The selection of cakes changes all the time, so check out the cabinet on the day for your options, but if the brownies are on offer then snap one up – it’s honestly one of the best brownies I’ve ever had, which is quite an achievement considering baking without dairy can be a bit of a challenge. Pair with a coconut milk hot chocolate for ultimate indulgence.

Is there anywhere you’d like me to review in sixty seconds? Drop me a line and let me know!

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