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Sixty Second Review: The Cakery

The Cakery Bath

In my Sixty Second Review series, I’m aiming to bring you deliciously bite-sized reviews of some of my favourite spots in Bath and their particular specialities. Today it’s all about The Cakery – take a wild guess what they get up to…

Where and what is it?

A cheerful, pocket-sized café on the beautiful Widcombe High St, serving up a fantastic selection of cakes alongside freshly-baked bread and a simple breakfast and lunch menu with daily specials. The whole menu is veggie and there are plenty of vegan options too.

Why this place?

Unsurprisingly, the big attraction here is the cake counter, which is piled high with mouth-watering creations, perfect for elevenses or afternoon tea. I also love their commitment to local sourcing (eggs from Trowbridge’s Good Egg Company, coffee from Bean Shot in Bruton, fruit and veg from Castle Farm in Midford, and much more). And I can never resist a visit to Widcombe, a lovely little hidden village within the city of Bath which is filled with fabulous indies. The high street is the perfect place for a little people-watching with your coffee and cake.

What’s the atmosphere?

This is a really friendly little place, equally welcoming to kids (they host birthday parties, and there’s a corner nook with books and colouring) and four-legged friends (who’ll be provided with their own treats), plus of course the menu caters to those with dietary requirements. Expect sunny seats in the window or cosy ones with plenty of cushions in the back, fresh flowers on the tables, and a cheery welcome from the staff.

How much will I spend?

Not much – tea and cake will set you back about a fiver (provided you can stop at just one slice of cake, which is by no means guaranteed) while the savoury options are between £5 and £7.

Tell me more about those cakes…

I’ll be completely honest, we visited The Cakery purely to sample their bakes, so I can’t vouch for the savoury side of the menu – but if it’s as good as the cake, then we’re onto a winner here. We tried a wide selection of treats, including my personal favourite, a towering chocolate orange sponge lavishly topped with a thick layer of chocolate buttercream and fresh orange slices, which I had my eye on as soon as I walked in the door and which did not disappoint. I was also pleasantly surprised by a luscious red velvet cake – I’ll be honest, I’ve often thought of red velvet as a bit of a gimmick, but this was absolutely delicious (and very pretty to boot). My dining companion, meanwhile, was very much taken with the vegan chocolate and banana loaf cake, generously studded with both star ingredients and perfect with a cuppa. The selection changes every day so there are plenty more to discover (have a poke around The Cakery’s Instagram here), and although not all the cakes are vegan, you’ll be hard-pressed to identify which ones are based on flavours alone – this lovely little café does a fab job of catering for everyone and making it look easy.

Red Velvet heaven

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