Sal’s Kitchen tries… DIY Jimmy Muffins

I’ve always enjoyed exploring Bath on foot – it’s a great place for idle wandering, with all sorts of little footpaths and stairways to explore and beautiful spaces to discover. A few years ago now I found myself wandering into Weston Village from a new angle, and impulsively stopped to refuel at Eveleigh’s Café. It was here, on this momentous day, that I discovered the Jimmy Muffin.

It’s hard to explain a Jimmy Muffin in a way that conveys its full majesty. In essence, it’s a little like a (vastly superior) homemade version of a certain fast food restaurant’s egg muffins, but that doesn’t really do it justice. It’s a rich homemade sausage patty in a lightly toasted English muffin, with an egg and a gooey slice of melted cheese and a dollop of homemade sweet chilli ketchup. The combination is just exquisite – the richness of the patty counterbalanced by the zing of the ketchup, the perfect marrying of textures, the sumptuous dripping of melted cheese and golden egg yolk. It is the ultimate hangover cure. It is heaven.

For a while, I made the occasional pilgrimage out to Weston to treat myself to a Jimmy Muffin, and dragged friends and family along with me, all of whom were instantly converted. Then Eveleigh’s made the decision to focus on the catering side of the business and shut down the café, and it seemed like Jimmy and I were parted forever…

…until lockdown came along. There haven’t been many silver linings to the present situation, but home-delivered Jimmy Muffins is definitely one of them. Because YES, that’s right folks, you can now have everything you need to create these magical muffins delivered directly to your doorstep on a Sunday morning. Whether you’re hitting the Zoom beers hard on a Saturday night and need something to revive you, or you just miss a seriously indulgent Sunday brunch, Jimmy has the answer.

The DIY Jimmy Muffin Kit

Each DIY Jimmy Muffin kit is just £4, or £7 for 2 (which is a bit of a bargain if you ask me), containing English muffins, eggs, cheese, sweet chilli ketchup and of course the famous homemade sausage patties. Construction is super simple even if you’re a little bleary-eyed, and full (beautifully hand-illustrated) instructions are provided. You can order by simply messaging the Eveleigh’s team on Twitter or on Instagram.

But be warned – you have to get in reasonably quick at the start of each week, because Jimmy Muffins are only delivered on a Sunday and once all the slots are booked up, then you’ve missed out. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out. Order yourself a Jimmy Muffin now and thank me on Sunday.

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