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Restaurants Bath

The number one thing I’m asked, all the time, is which of Bath’s restaurants is my favourite. The problem is that I have a lot of favourites, all for different reasons. So instead of writing you a list of restaurants to try, I’m going to tell you exactly which dishes, drinks and snacks are absolutely not to be missed in Bath. Trust me, I’m a glutton – do as you’re told and thank me later.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are 10 of my favourite things…

Cheese & Ham Toastie, The Green Bird Café – the first time I tried these, I tweeted that I’d found the best toastie on the planet. I had to order another one straight after. It’s something about the combination of crisp, chewy sourdough toast from the Bertinet Bakery, lots of gooey mature cheddar, wafer thin ham and wholegrain mustard, all in the perfect proportions. Find them at 

Pork Gyoza & White Tea, Comins Tea House – this is one of my very favourite things to have for lunch, especially when I’ve been feeling busy and stressed and I need to just chill out for a little bit. Comins is a little haven of peace and quiet, and the ceremony of preparing the tea is always incredibly soothing. They have all sorts of great teas to try, but I love the combination of the subtle, floral flavours of the white teas and the savoury pork gyoza with chunks of spicy ginger and soy sauce for dipping. Find them at

 Restaurants Bath
Pork Gyoza with soy & sriracha

Treesweet Smoothie, Cascara Café – I have to admit, I always thought the idea of kale in a smoothie was kind of gross, until I tried the magic potions at Cascara Café. Now the Treesweet smoothie is my absolute favourite, with kale, mint, cucumber and apple. It’s incredibly healthy and also incredibly delicious. What more could you want? Find them on Twitter @cascarabath

Jimmy Muffin, Eveleigh’s Café – I don’t make it out to Weston as often as I’d like (it’s a beautiful walk from our flat, and I wish I had time to do it more), but whenever I do, I have to pop into Eveleigh’s Café for one of their famous Jimmy Muffins. Combining a sausage patty, spicy ketchup, a fried egg and processed cheese (trust me here) in a toasted English muffin, it is pure filth and absolutely delicious. Find them at

Arancini, Piattino – I tried these a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been thinking about them ever since. Rich, gooey risotto with mozzarella, smoked ham and parmesan– my mouth is watering just writing the words. Piattino’s menu is packed with delicious goodies, so do yourself a favour, go hungry, and try as much as possible. Find them at, or read my review of Piattino.

Burger, JC’s Kitchen – I tried one of these burgers (top image, above) on impulse, whilst strolling round the Saturday morning farmers’ market a few weeks ago, and it totally blew my tiny mind. First, sourdough buns from The Oven bakery are slathered in blue cheese sauce, which is fried until golden and chewy. Then a burger is piled on top with sausage, bacon, smoked cheddar, coleslaw and The Somerset Hotsauce Company’s pineapple hot sauce. It’s impossible to eat in a ladylike fashion and all the better for it. You have to try one of these. Find them on Twitter @jcskitchen777

Chocolate Sorbetto, Swoon Gelato – it is very, very hard to choose a favourite from Swoon Gelato’s chill cabinet of dreams, but I think for me it has to be the chocolate sorbetto (below). It’s gloriously creamy, rich and not too sweet. I’ve also found (through meticulous research) that it goes with almost all the other flavours too – I particularly recommend the hazelnut or the pistachio. Find them at, or read my blog post on Swoon.

Restaurants Bath
Gorgeous chocolate goodness from Swoon Gelato

The Hombre, Thoughtful Bread Co – if the Green Bird has Bath’s best toasties, then the Thoughtful Bread Co has Bath’s best panini (yes, they’re different, shut up). Stuffed full of roasted vegetables, halloumi and spicy chorizo, with all the delicious juices soaked up by a fresh ciabatta roll, this is the ultimate pick-me-up on a cold and rainy day. Find them at

Spider Crab Croquettas, Pintxo de Bath – these little dainties are terribly moreish – soft on the inside, crispy on the outside, and served with garlic alioli that goes beautifully with the crab. Special mention also for Pintxo de Bath’s breadsticks – somehow I didn’t feel like I could devote a whole entry to a breadstick, but these little fellas are seriously amazing, especially with the aforementioned alioli. Find them at, or read my review of Pintxo de Bath.

Hendrick’s G&T Cocktail, Sub 13 – I’ve developed a bit of a weekend habit for Sub 13’s menu of fabulous gin cocktails, and this is my favourite (but you should try them all, obviously). Hendrick’s gin with Fevertree tonic, crushed rose petals, cucumber and fresh basil – it’s gloriously summery. I particularly love the delicious waft of fresh basil you get with every sip. Find them at 

Restaurants Bath
Pretty gin cocktails at Sub 13

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