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Didi Cakes

This time last year, I wrote a blog post all about my top ten things to eat & drink in Bath, a place so stuffed full of scrumptious treats it’s hard to know where to start. Twelve (ish) months on, I figured it was about time for an update – although I’d still scoff everything on the first list in a heartbeat, there’s always room for a few more favourites…

Vanilla Cannoli, Rosario’s Cafe – these fabulous little snack-sized treats are the perfect thing to nibble with a cup of seriously good Italian coffee. The crisp, crunchy shell is stuffed with a dense, sweet ricotta filling, just the thing to balance a strong espresso, and while the chocolate, strawberry and lemon options are all scrumptious, for me the classic vanilla is the absolute best. Find them at 

Rosario's Bath

Classic Smoked Salmon, The Whole Bagel – when it comes to bagels, I’m a bit of a traditionalist – I do sometimes branch out, but most often when I visit The Whole Bagel, I order a plain bagel (fabulously savoury and chewy) with cream cheese, smoked salmon, a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of black pepper. It’s the most amazing combination of flavours and textures. Find them at

Chocolate Brownie, Boston Tea Party – a good chocolate brownie is an incredible thing, but so often they’re just not good; either they’re too light, too dry, or not chocolatey enough… thankfully, I’ve discovered the perfect chocolate brownie, and it can be found at Boston Tea Party. Each slice is rich, dense and fudgy, packed with chunks of dark chocolate, and makes the ideal partner for a cuppa. Find them at

No. 1, Bath Botanical Gin – when it comes to gin in this city, pretty much everyone has heard of Bath Gin – and don’t get me wrong, it’s good stuff – but my absolute favourite tipple comes from a tiny little distillery in Widcombe, Bath Botanical. They make a whole range of different flavours (the Valentine’s Day special with raspberry & pomegranate was excellent) but for a classic G&T I love their No. 1 gin, which is gorgeously botanical, fragrant and fresh. Find them at

Chicken Curry, Noya’s Kitchen – the menu at Noya’s Kitchen is always minimal, yet always packed with incredible Vietnamese food. It changes every week but I keep a close eye on Noya’s Instagram feed to see when her mum’s chicken curry is going to be on offer, because it’s stunningly good – the sauce is full of flavour, with the perfect balance between spicy and creamy, and the chicken is gorgeously tender. And if you are going to Noya’s for lunch, make sure you order some of her spring rolls too. Visit or read more about Noya’s Kitchen in my review here

Nutella Cupcake, Didi Cakes – Didi is one of my favourite places for a treat and I’ve tried quite a few truly scrumptious cupcakes from their swoonworthy selection, so it’s pretty difficult to choose the best one. The chocolate & raspberry was a really, really close runner-up, but I think the Nutella cupcake is my favourite – with beautifully light chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream and chopped hazelnuts and caramel on top, and a secret dollop of Nutella right in the middle. Find them at or read more about Didi Cakes in my review here

Pizza Italia, The Slice – it’s basically impossible for me to pick just one item off the menu at The Slice. Their Bolognese arancini are absolutely mouth-watering, and there are plenty of seriously good pizza choices, but the Italia is probably my favourite so far. With fresh, creamy buffalo mozzarella, sweet little cherry tomatoes, rich pesto and the most amazing crust, it’s hard to stop at one slice. Find them at or read more about The Slice in my review here

The Slice Bath

White Chocolate Matcha Cookies, Comins Teahouse – I’ll be honest with you, I’m not a massive matcha fan (don’t tell the other bloggers, I’ll be kicked off Instagram), so I hadn’t tried Comins’ matcha cookies until recently, but it turns out I was missing something amazing. The slightly savoury flavour of matcha somehow works perfectly in a cookie with generous white chocolate chunks. I can’t really explain this one – you’ll just have to trust me. Find them at

Spinach Tortelli, Pasta Station – I’m a total pasta fiend, so this is basically heaven for me: a fresh pasta deli, serving up incredible goodies to take away for lunch or to cook at home. The selection changes all the time, and it’s all worth trying, but my absolute favourite thing I’ve had from Pasta Station is their spinach tortelli stuffed with ricotta and asparagus, and dressed with truffle oil and grated parmesan. Find them at or read more about Pasta Station in my review here

Onglet Steak, Chez Dominique – one of the best steaks I’ve ever had is at Chez Dominique, a fabulous little French restaurant on Argyle St. They offer an outstanding prix fixe menu every day, with three courses for just £18, and although the menu changes regularly you can usually count on it including onglet steak with salad and fries. The meat is cooked to absolute perfection, tender and juicy, and comes with a flavoured butter, which also changes regularly – the Roquefort one is my favourite but they’re all delicious. Find them at or read more about Chez Dominique in my review here

How many of these incredible treats have you tried? Have I missed anything amazing? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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