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Sal’s Top Five… Sweet Treats

Sweet treats in Bath

Welcome to another Sal’s Top Five guide! This is the second in the series, so make sure you check out post number one too – a guide to the very best takeaway lunches to be found in Bath, to save you from soggy supermarket sandwiches (bleurgh). This month’s fabulous foodie guide celebrates the best places in Bath for a sugar hit – whether you’re craving chocolate, cake, doughnuts or ice cream, I’ve got the scoop…

Thoughtful Bread

Recently, I wrote a whole blog post swooning over the Thoughtful Bakery’s incredible doughnuts – check it out here. Combining deliciously fresh doughnuts with all kinds of creative and indulgent flavour ideas (chocolate brownie, blueberry cheesecake, strawberry granola…), the Thoughtful Bakery’s Doughnut Thursdays are not to be missed. Rumour has it the doughnuts will be popping up on other days of the week too, but even if they’re not available, Thoughtful has a whole other menu of gorgeous confectionery, including eclairs, cheesecake and macarons. Well worth a visit.

Pasta Station

Another foodie highlight you can find in a previous blog post of mine – but while you may well be tempted by their beautiful pasta, you might not realise they also sell some scrumptious sweet treats too. Those who love pastry must check out Pasta Station’s sfogliatelle, crispy frilly little parcels stuffed with sweetened ricotta. The combination of crunchy pastry and a dense, sweet, creamy filling is just glorious. Pistachio is my favourite, but chocolate and vanilla are amazing too – especially with a proper Italian coffee, which Pasta Station can also provide.

Didi Cakes

Always my first stop when I need a cake fix, Didi Cakes make the best cupcakes in town, with all sorts of incredible flavour combinations and toppings. So often, cupcakes can suffer from a case of style over substance, where they look fabulously instagrammable and taste rubbish – but fear not, Didi have got this nailed, and their cupcakes taste even better than they look. You may well have missed Didi Cakes if you don’t often venture along Walcot St, but trust me, they’re worth discovering.


If you haven’t yet visited Swoon Gelato on Kingsmead Square, then you’ve obviously been living under a rock. Their exquisite sorbetto and gelato come in a multitude of fantastic flavours, with brilliant monthly specials (carrot cake was a recent favourite of mine). However, as we start to approach autumn and (dare I say it) winter, there’s another Swoon secret you need to discover – their outstanding Italian hot chocolate. A million miles away from the thin, flavourless stuff you make with a tub of powder, Swoon’s hot chocolate is basically a mugful of melted dark chocolate, the last few mouthfuls of which must be eaten with a spoon. Unbelievably good.

Seven Hills

Speaking of chocolate, if you prefer yours cold, then get yourself down to the Bath Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and visit the Seven Hills Chocolate stall. Owner and chocolatier Nick creates a whole range of bars with fantastic flavours, but my favourite treat is his bags of chocolate-coated honeycomb nuggets. It’s completely impossible to stop at just one.

As always, it’s so hard to narrow it down to just five – so honourable mentions must also go to Sweet Little Things (a new little tearoom that’s one of my favourite recommendations for a full-on afternoon tea – read all about it on my blog here), Rosarios (fabulous Italian pastries, including the most wonderful vanilla cannoli), and The San Francisco Fudge Factory (I’ll give you three guesses as to what they do). Fancy staying in and baking your own instead? You can find a few of my favourite homemade sweet treats right here on the blog – check out my Chocolate, Almond & Coffee Doughnuts, or try my showstopping Valentine’s Day Mosaic Cake.

Where do you go in Bath to satisfy a sweet tooth? Have I missed anything unmissable? Write me a comment and let me know!

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