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Sixty Second Review: Bath Pizza Co

Bath Pizza Co

It’s time for another Sixty Second Review! This week’s high-speed summary is all about one of my favourite spots for a delicious lunch in a chilled-out setting, Bath Pizza Co…

Where and what is it?

Bath Pizza Co is the rustic, relaxed sibling of the Green Park Brasserie, to be found out the back under the beautiful arched ceiling of the former station, serving up a short but sweet menu of pizzas baked in a traditional wood-fired oven.

Why this place?

You can’t beat a proper wood-fired pizza. The dough is delicious, stretched really thin so it’s crispy and chewy, and piled with excellent toppings. They also offer some seriously excellent deals during the week, starting with pizzas for just £6 on Monday-Thursday lunchtimes. Considering how brilliant the pizza is, this is a pretty unbeatable offer.

What’s the atmosphere?

Another reason I love Bath Pizza Co is for its fabulous setting in the old Green Park Station, which basically means you’re dining al fresco but without the need to worry about wind or rain. There’s a lovely chilled-out beer garden vibe to their terrace, with strings of lights, long shared wooden tables, and plenty of live music events – check out their program to find out what’s coming up.

How much will I spend?

As aforementioned, you can snag a really good deal at Bath Pizza Co if you head down for lunch during the week – take a look at all their offers here. Otherwise, you’ll be spending somewhere around £10-£12 for a generously-sized pizza lavished with toppings – a feast for one hungry person or emminently shareable between two.

If you’re looking for a lunch that’s delicious, a little indulgent and easy on the wallet, then pizza is pretty hard to beat, and the Bath Pizza Co is one of my favourite spots to find it, with a fantastic setting and atmosphere in which to enjoy your meal. Need more than one pizzeria to satisfy your craving? Check out my Top Five Guide here to discover all the best pizza joints in the city.

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