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Sal’s Top Five… Chocolate

It’s time for another Sal’s Top Five! And this one is devoted to one of my very favourite things – chocolate. I’ll be honest, I was going to do a whole Top Five just about chocolate brownies, but for the sake of my fellow chocoholics there were a few other things I just had to include – so if that’s you, then read on…

Society Café: Chocolate Brownie

Since I’ve mentioned them, though, we’ll start with the brownies. There are a lot of really good chocolate brownies in Bath and it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite, but if my hand was forced, I’d go for Society Café. They have a fabulously naughty habit of embedding a layer of something delicious right through the middle of their dark, fudgy brownies – sometimes it’s salted caramel, sometimes it’s peanut butter, you have to just see what’s going on on the day – and often add a sprinkle of sea salt on top which, for me, is the ultimate way to really set off rich chocolatey flavours. Need your chocolate brownie to be dairy-free? Bath’s best vegan brownies are to be found at Cascara – delicious with one of their coconut milk hot chocolates.

Green Bird Café: Rocky Road

I never used to be much of a fan of rocky road – I’d had too many where frankly, there wasn’t enough space for the chocolate with all the other stuff going on. But The Green Bird have managed to change my mind with their irresistible slabs of chocolatey goodness – they are packed with biscuit, raisins and marshmallows, as you’d expect, but the ratio of those things to chocolate is just right, plus they add a generous sprinkle of white chocolate chips too. The perfect thing with a cuppa.

Good Day Café: Hot Chocolate

Bath’s best hot chocolate is another tough one to call – in a previous post I’ve talked about the fabulous Italian hot chocolate to be found at Swoon, but the hot chocolate at Good Day Café is right up there too, thanks in part to the incredible slab of toasted homemade marshmallow that comes on top – for sheer indulgence, it’s hard to beat a hot chocolate with the proper trimmings. Look out for special flavoured hot chocolates sometimes too – chaps, will you bring back the chocolate orange this Christmas please?!

Dough: Nutella Tiramisu

I thought long and hard about my favourite chocolate dessert to be found in Bath, and if I’m completely honest, it’s this totally outrageous offering from Dough. Tiramisu is one of my absolute favourite desserts and usually I might baulk at the idea of tampering with a classic, but having tried this once, I am utterly converted. Prefer your tiramisu traditional? I reckon Antica’s is hard to beat – read more about it in my review here.

Smashburger: Chocolate Milkshake

I’m slightly embarrassed that my top milkshake choice in Bath is a chain, so if you’ve got good indie recommendations, do let me know. In the meantime, I have to give Smashburger a mention for the best chocolate milkshake I’ve had to date, made with so much Haagen Dazs ice cream that they have to give you a special extra-wide straw to cope with the thickness, and lavishly topped with whipped cream.

Special mentions also go to The Cakery, for their fabulous chocolate orange cake, Café au Lait for their outstanding pancakes with dark chocolate sauce, and Thoughtful Bakery‘s chocolate mousse doughnuts with chocolate brownies on top – not always available, even on Doughnut Thursdays, but well worth keeping an eye out for. Where’s your favourite place in Bath for a chocolate hit? Do you favour a slice of cake, a mug of hot chocolate or perhaps something else I haven’t thought of? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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