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It’s pretty tough opening a new business (or expanding an existing one) at the best of times, but I think we could all agree that having to do it during a national lockdown due to a global pandemic is on a whole other level of tough. Even so, there are still fabulous businesses that have opened or expanded over the past year, so I’ve rounded up a couple of my favourite new discoveries – they’ll appreciate the heck out of your support if you’re able to give it, and in our third lockdown I think we all need something new to lift our spirits.

Image from the Indian Pizza Co’s lovely website here

Indian Pizza Company

Stop right now, and plan a takeaway from the Indian Pizza Company for this weekend – you won’t regret it. Resident local foodie Helen at Taste of Bath recommended this one to me and it might just be my favourite discovery of all – the Indian/Italian fusion is totally inspired. I can personally vouch for the Chennai Warrior, 24-hour slow-roasted beef madras with coriander pesto and hot & sour pickled onions, alongside a thin and crispy crust and plenty of melted mozzarella. Doesn’t that just sound like a match made in heaven?!

Cortado Café

This bright and cheerful little café on Bridge St isn’t brand new, having opened about a year ago, but I have to admit I only just discovered it! It’s well worth popping in to discover Cortado Cafe‘s Argentinian-inspired menu, particularly their delicious empanadas, which are a bit like a mini pasty with all sorts of gorgeous savoury fillings. For me, though, the big draw is that they do the most amazing hot chocolate – there are various fabulous flourishes that you can add to it, but the actual hot chocolate itself is just gorgeous, really creamy and the perfect balance of sweet but not too sweet. This is my new go-to for a winter warmer, and it’s perfect for your daily walk.

Edgars Foods

Anyone else getting a bit bored with their own cooking? Treat yourself to some fresh inspiration with a visit to Edgars Foods, a fabulous new shop specialising in the best frozen fish and seafood. They’ve got all the big-ticket items like crab, lobster and scallops covered, but they also have a brilliant ‘pick & mix’ section which I think is just genius, featuring things like goujons, king prawns, individual portions of fish, and plenty more, so you can just buy exactly as much as you need. I treated myself to a big bag of gorgeous calamari and it’s now become our go-to option when we need some quick and easy comfort food from the freezer – perfect with a green salad and some aioli on the side.

Nata & Co

Beware – once you’ve tasted Nata & Co’s mind-blowing pastel de nata, there’s no going back. Creamy, velvety custard with plenty of cinnamon, cupped in crisp, flaky pastry, these little beauties are available to buy individually, but I recommend you just go straight for a box of six because once you’ve had one, you’ll definitely want another. Originally from Cardiff, Nata & Co literally opened in Bath just a couple of weeks ago. They also sell plenty of lovely hot drinks to wash down your pastries, and plan to introduce more Portuguese treats to their menu in due course – I can’t wait, although the natas are going to take some beating…

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