Recommended Partners

Looking for a service that I don’t offer? On this page you’ll find my recommendations for brilliant small businesses offering services complementary to my own. I’ll only ever suggest people that I’ve worked with and would happily use for my own business.

Gina Lucia, Web Design & Branding

Gina is an extremely talented web designer, combining gorgeous creative skills with serious technical know-how. Check out her website for more information on the range of services she offers, and to see her portfolio of work for former clients.

Serra Kerrigan, WordPress Guru

Looking for a beautiful website but don’t have a big budget to get it designed from scratch? Serra can help you create something stunning with WordPress. Check out her website for more information.

Kat Agg, Designer/Animator/Videographer

If you need to communicate with your customers or clients in visual form, then Kat is the person to talk to. She particularly specialises in video projects and has some seriously impressive work under her belt. Check out her website for more information and to see some of her previous work.